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If you need a quick and easy way to integrate spatial data with various disparate data sources, Spatial Objects can help. You can access maps, display data from your databases, and review electronic documents associated with spatial map features. Even when the information in your databases does not contain detailed geographical information, SpatialObjects® can help you see and analyze spatial relationships.

SpatialObjects® extends and enhances existing GIS technologies, but integrates its own spatially enabled components to solve problems that existing technologies do not solve 'Out of the Box.' Coupled with Forsa Technologies' extensive GIS experience, SpatialObjects® offers a fast, reliable and scalable solution to your GIS needs.

Utilizing the SpatialObjects® pure Java framework allows for quick integration of industry specific "cartridges" (Utilities, Pipeline Management, Damage Prevention, Oil & Gas, Public Awareness, Web Ticket Management, Telecom, etc.), the ability to build custom geospatial applications, or to add geospatial or GIS capabilities to existing applications in a rapid, reliable and cost effective manner.

SpatialObjects® is an advanced, web-based, Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis tool—a set of spatial building blocks that allow companies to deploy GIS solutions easier, faster, and with less risk. Contact us today for a free evaluation on how SpatialObjects® can meet your business needs.

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